Since 1985 Caribbean Cuts has serviced the biggest Event Companies, the most persnickety Photo Stylists, created décor for the most exacting Restaurants and Hotels in New York City, the most demanding city in the world.  When ever our clients are met with an exotic flower event or decorating challenge they come to us. Our experience and focus has been on the tropical Flower business since we started and from our two farms in Puerto Rico it is just a three-hour flight to bring you our fresh and unique flowers.

It is no surprise that when the Pan Am Terminal Hotel at JFK Airport was reopening in 2019, we were called upon to supply Flowers and Foliage to the Louis Vuitton Fashion show for the re-opening party. When Trinity Church, one of the oldest and most historic Churches in America Celebrated Palm Sunday, they come to us.  We have the expertise and experience to help these customers, imagine what we can do for you.

You can view the event and see the scope of our abilities by clicking here.