About Caribbean Cuts

At Caribbean Cuts, we’ve been sourcing exotic flowers and foliage since 1985.

We are family owned and maintain two farms in Puerto Rico where we source the majority of our products. In addition to our farms, we also ethically source products from around the world, direct from local farmers. Our extensive network of growers gives us an unparalleled selection of exotics which consistently keeps us at the top of our industry.

After many years of servicing some of the biggest event companies, extremely critical photographers, and high demand restaurants & hotels, we’ve gained knowledge that extends beyond our cuts. 

Whenever our clients are met with a decorating challenge or are simply in need of a “wow” factor, they come to us. Our extensive experience and keen focus keeps us and all of our clients fresh, hip, and on the cutting edge.

Some of our noteworthy features include the reopening of the Pan Am Terminal Hotel at JFK Airport, The Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Opening Party, and Trinity Church Palm Sunday. Of course, these are just a few of many extravagant events and spaces we’ve helped bring to life.

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